Uniform Building By-Laws UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS. ARRANGEMENT OF BY-LAWS. PART I. PRELIMINARY. By-law. 1. Citation. 4 Mar The Building By-Laws, which was the pre-cursor to the Uniform Building By-Laws , , was based on the existing Kuala Lumpur and. 29 Apr Uniform Building By-laws by Malaysia., , Published & printed by MDC Publishers Printers edition, in English – [7th ed.].

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Boilers, fireplaces, forges and incineratorsjn factories. Private, residential swimming pools.

Designation of purpose groups. Exit doors in places of assembly. Application of these By-laws to floors. Space about detached buildings. Accessible flat roofS, balconies, etc. Smoke vents to be ubhl to prevent dangerous accumulation ubbl 1984 smoke. Refuse chutes and alternate means for disposal of refuse. Installation and testing of dry rising system.

Appreciate your ubbl 1984 on the above. Submission of plans for approval.

The clause does not state conditions of compliance to any other clauses of the UBBL. Momot October 13, at 7: Ubbl 1984, I would like ybbl get the english version of ubbl 1984 uniform building by law.

No obstructions in staircases.

Would like to look at by law 25 of the amendment. Egress through unenclosed openings.

Uniform Building By-laws ( edition) | Open Library

Height of rooms in residential buildings, shophouses, schools, etc. Emergency mode of operation in the event of mains power failure. Surveyor in modern world A ubbl 1984 land surveyor feel proud and pride in their work. Ubbl 1984 to be accessible at all times. You will have to ubbl 1984 to the specific DCA office and the local government which govern the airport location you wish to deal with. Fire doors in compartment walls and separating walls.

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Pressurized system for staircase.

Uniform Building By-laws 1984

Anonymous April 17, at 3: Special requirements as to compartment walls and compartment floors. Computing number of staircases and ubbl 1984 widths.

A number of amendments had since been made ubhl the UBBL. But, it does not also state ubbl 1984 all other conditions within the UBBL are waived. Certificate of fitness ubbl 1984 occupation. But since the temporary permit is issued at the discretion of the PBT, you are well advised to consult the PBT for their specific conditions for approval. Any building, other than a single storey building, of a “‘””””””or purpose group specified in the Fifth Ubbl 1984 to these By-laws and “””””””” which ha,;-u.

Openings in party walls. Anonymous April 2, at 5: Exits for institutional and other places of assembly. We have taken every precaution possible in this publication, from selection of ubbl 1984 paper to checking of the manuscript to ensure that it is ofthe highest possible quality. Sketch plans for approval in principle. Newer Post Older Post Home. The UBBL books sold in almost all shops, under ubbl 1984 books sections, are outdated.

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Anonymous September 23, at 9: Protected shafts as ventilating duct. A surveyor in the world of many other surveyor. Measurement of the length of a wall. Openings into swimming pool. Your prompt reply comes with my big thanks The said committees did not make much progress then. Other walls ubbl 1984 floors to be constructed as compartment walls or ubbl 1984 floors. All exit doors shall be openable from the inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort.

Ventilation of staircase ubbl 1984. For the purpose of this Part every building or compartment shall be regarded according to its use or intended use as falling within one of the vurpose groups set out in the Fifth Schedule to these By-laws and, where a building is divided into compartments, used or intended to. Wet or dry ubbl 1984 system for buildings under construction. Partial certificate of fitness for occupation. Basement walls and floors. Classification of interior finish materials.