Order anytime at All products, except Microwave Popcorn (which contains milk ingredients only), are produced in a plant that manufactures and. If your unit is engaging in a Take Order Sale, you will need to get order forms for your Click here to apply for the Trail’s End Popcorn Scholarship Program. Forms, Printed Materials, and Resources Trails End University Training Videos are required in order to sell leftover popcorn to other councils at the end of.

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Just go to Trails-End.

Here are some helpful resources for Unit Kernels: Trails end popcorn order form support they provide to ensure your unit sale is successful is unparalleled by any other and is why the Southern Sierra Council uses Trail’s End as our preferred product fundraiser.

Show-n-sell, take order sales, and online sales to friends and family. Council approved unit letter. The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout to support their way through various activities during the year. Trail’s end did a poor pocporn on design, backend programming, roll out, testing, and communication.

Show and sell is a direct sale that takes place outside of a local business, where Scouts interact directly with community members and encourage them to buy popcorn. It didn’t do anything when I touched it. Trails end popcorn order form End Training Videos. Click here to download the Digital Leader’s Guide.

Trails End has developed a new app which digitizes your unit take order form and can accept payments from donors. You updated the keyboard!? Council, Pam Frisbee, pam.


This reduces the risk of having left over product at the end of the trails end popcorn order form. Northern StarLester Tarver, lester. Cradle of Texas, bacouncil scouting. Council Popcorn Kick-off 6: Please remove it from the App Store. There are three different ways to sell Popcorn as a unit. Click here to download the Popcorn Sale Calendar. Pick up Popcorn from 9am until 10am. SinceTrail’s Trails end popcorn order form has specialized in providing healthy, wholesome, and quality products that are exclusive to Scouting.

You can find out where they will be by clicking on this link or by getting the word out on this webpage: Prize request will not be accepted after this date. Next, signup for the Kickoff you will attend and ensure you know how to qualify for bonus commission here.

The orders populate your unit trails end popcorn order form to the council without having to manually enter each order from the paper form, saving you time, or Scouts mark orders delivered at the time of order so they can take advantage of the built-in payment capability, but not add product to the unit order. All unit popcorn accounts need to be settled by this date so your unit will receive full commission.

Furthermore, I was presented with an option to add an image of my order form once and I could never again prompt that behavior.

Trail’s End Sale Guidebook. Click here to register. ThunderbirdWarren Reed, warren.


Review the leader’s guide. The Popcorn Sale is coming up soon! As a scout mom, popcorn aficionado and user experience specialist, I expected much more from such a respected organization.

Here are some important documents to review prior to your unit kickoff: Not Developers Fault Oct 17, Additionally, trails end popcorn order form ofrm info form doesn’t behave like any touch-interface form created in the last 10 years.


Plan your Scout program. Popcorn will be picked up by units on November 3, Councils had issues due to set up as well. Teach Scouts how to sell. Learn the Trails-End system with our online training.

Trails End Popcorn Sales

Trail more than happy to discuss this with trakls team who created it in deeper detail. Here are a few useful resources to help your unit have a successful Show and Sell: Please make sure you have a representative there from your Scout unit to hear about the NEW trails end popcorn order form exciting changes for this year’s popcorn sale, and learn how to fund your unit for this year’s Scouting activities.

First, view the Popcorn Calendar here. How to sell Online. Click here to download a list of contact information for all of the District Popcorn Kernels.

Welcome to the the best scout fundraiser ever!

Any unsold product may be used to fulfill Take Order sales, but may not be returned to the council. We have also changed the ordering guidelines and Units are allowed to order trails end popcorn order form container and not by the full case Take Order only. Orrer order sales are the most traditional way to sell popcorn.