SAE J Revised JUL SHOULDER REFERENCE POINT 6* 30′ NOTE: DIMENSIONS ARE MM FIGURE 1— H-POINT TEMPLATE Position the. 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Document Name: SAE J Devices for Use in Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodations CFR Section(s): 49 CFR (b) Standards Body.

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The muslin should be tucked in a sufficient amount to prevent hammocking of the material.

Front Seat— Alternately lift each foot off the floor the minimum necessary amount until no additional forward foot movement is obtained. Check applicable seating arrangement drawing for specified location. Normally, the H-Point machine thigh attitude depends on the seating package arrangement because the machine’s foot location in the package sets the angle of the lower leg and thigh.

Positive stops are provided in sae j826 thigh and lower leg segments for sae j826 10th, 50th, and 95th percentile of adult male dimensions Table 1. SgRP-front to heel, and the foot sae j826 locked at 87 degrees. This robust measuring instrument works bidirectionally to record both force and weight measurement and has j86 high definition 0,01 N incl. This digitale indicator delivers all relevant information in accordance to EU standard requirements.

Care shall be exercised in holding the T-bar and rocking the H-Point machine sae j826 minimize j26 exterior loads applied in a vertical or fore-and-aft direction.

Second Seat Installation Procedure for Short-Coupled Vehicles— -If the H-Point couple distance is such that sae j826 H-Point machine with 95th percentile leg will not fit into the second seat with the front seat in the rearmost normal driving and riding position that is, the leg interferes with the front seatbackinstall the machine in the second seat in accordance sae j826 either of m826 methods A or B shown in Appendix A.

Care must be exercised through the remainder of the procedure to prevent the H-Point machine from sliding forward. In vehicles with no tunnel, set the H-Point machine’s feet approximately mm sae j826 in apart. Body segment weights are placed at the center sae j826 gravity locations to provide seat penetration equivalent to a 76 kg 1 67 lb male.

The beam from the lamp should meet the photometric specifications listed in the table when it is aimed sse center sae j826 maximum intensity on the photometer sae j826, except that when the maximum exceeds 25, cp, the sae j826, cp point directly above the maximum intensity should be aimed at the photometer axis.

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This unit displays all relevant measurements in accordance to EU standard requirements. The weights will each lay propped outwardly in the forward corner of the seat pan against the thigh weights.

Determine L48, minimum knee clearance, as the distance from the knee joint less 51 mm 2 in sae j826 less the longitudinal movement of the front seat at a tangent to the top of the rear cushion. Determine L51minimum effective leg room, by sae j826 the diagonal distance from the ankle pivot center to the H-Point plus a constant of mm 1 in.

A T-bar extension may be required to straddle the knee segments on either side of the tunnel. A seatback angle saf bar is included to orient the template in relation to the vertical. All definitions and dimensions used in conjunction sqe this document sae j826 described in SAE J Determination of Cushion Angle— A measure called Cushion Angle has been developed to determine the attitude that a seat cushion imposes on the seated occupant’s thighs independent of seating package geometry.

Return the back pan to the seatback. The H-Point machine’s feet are not to be restrained or held during this step, and if the feet change position, they should be allowed to remain in that attitude at this time.

SAE J826: Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodation

Certified H-Point templates and machines can be purchased from: The loaded Sae j826 machine should not be left sae j826 the assembly longer than the time required to perform the sze.

Use 25 degrees if not specified.

Torso swe measurement is facilitated with an indicator just below the torso angle level on the H-Point machine. Pivoted at the lower end of the lower leg segments, shoe and aae assemblies are calibrated to measure the angular relation. The latest sae j826 of SAE publications shall apply.

Full text of ” SAE J A graduated sae j826 probe is hinged sae j826 the H-Point to measure the headroom in the compartment.

Upon completion of the rocking motion and repositioning the H-Point machine’s sae j826 under the seat, xae the front seat back to its normal riding position. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, In any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SAE.


Measures interior compartment space and sae j826 attitudes for Se lOlh 50th 90th A B Resume the general installation procedure except when rocking the H-Point machine as outlined in 5. NOTE — Locating the foot either side of the Y plane centerline of the occupant position will make the foot location compatible to the foot location in the existing H-Point machine installation procedure.

If foot support does not exist, extend the H- Point machine legs to the full limit of the seat deflection with both feet flat on the floor. The latter are sqe internally stored and can be recalled and displayed at a later date when required. Ase seating compartment space and occupant attitudes during the conceptual, engineering, and development stages of any new vehicle.

Two spirit levels orientate the device in sae j826. Other seated positions are specified in 4. Follow the installation procedure through 5.

Full text of “SAE J Devices for Use in Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodations”

The left foot is placed on the undepressed accelerator pedal and the right foot is located to the right of the tunnel, approximately opposite and symmetrical in a manner that sae j826 the knee joint T-bar.

In sae j826 cases, it is necessary to determine this graphically. K826 Force Gauge This mechanical force gauge is directly mounted onto the manikin.

This standard defines both the sae j826 dimensional jj826 three dimen- sional manikins. If the seat to be checked has never been sat upon, a 68 to 79 kg to sae j826 person shall sit on the seat twice for 1 min to flex the cushion and back. All angles are measured with the H-Point machine in this position. Slide the H-Point machine rearward by a horizontal rearward load applied at the T-bar until the seat sae j826 contacts the seatback.

If an Swe machine level adjustment is necessary, rotate the back pan forward, relevel, and repeat the H-Point machine back rocking.