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Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions & Answers

What is the process of adding descriptions to test objects? Updating the files once a day may be adequate, depending on the needs of particular team. Forums on this site: These scripts extend the RationalTestScript class and thereby inherit a number of methods. How various objects are identified by Functional Tester? What actions are performed when we run a script from RFT? ClearCase allows us to share projects, scripts, script templates, test datapools, and object maps across the testing team.

There are two methods to select an object: Functional Test ihterview stores all application test assets like scripts, object maps, verification point baseline files and script templates. The process took 2 days.

Web Munch’s Stats 5, hits. RFT uses the script name as the class name and sets up testMain, where you can add the commands to include in the script.

Private datapool and Shared datapool Question View All num of num Close Esc. When we want to test a lot of different URLs, the Applications list becomes very lengthy.


Regression testing identifies differences that may have been introduced since the last build. What happens to the related files when we rename a test aset? If you are using the Inferview language, create a Java test project. When we play back a script, RFT replays all the recorded actions, which automates the software testing cycle.

We can undo any regular expression or numeric range. NET for Visual Basic.

Talking, Saying, And Listening: Tech Support Interview Anonymous Qurstions. Test object map gets created automatically when recording the script for the application under test. This feature is useful when waiting for an object immediately after starting the application, or after other actions taking a long time.

Because the test object map contains recognition properties for each object, we can update the information in one location.

Rational Functional Tester runs on the following Host and Test platforms. If we take IBM Rational Functional Tester as an example one of my favourite GUI level automated testing tool it should make the distinction between the two types of questions obvious. What is a a datapool? In the new script, RFT includes import statements for files we need to compile the script and comments containing archiving information. Functional Test project is created before recording the scripts.

We can insert verification points as well without recording, by opening the Verification Point wizard from the Script Explorer. The view with a reserved checkout has the exclusive right to check in a new version for a branch or stream.


The information in the base file becomes baseline of expected state of object during subsequent builds. While recording or editing a RFT script, we can insert a call to a previously recorded script. Logging page is used in RFT to set log and comparator options, like preventing the script launch wizard from displaying on playback, displaying the log viewer after playback, and displaying a message before overwriting an existing log.

RFT Interview Questions and Answers – Software Testing

Please tell me what is the benefit of record and play back methodology in GUI automation. Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions. This architecture consists of a framework consisting of three folders which are a package within an RFT project, and represents one tier of the three-tiered architecture:. Join the RF Technologies team. When script runs from Test Manager, Test Manager creates a temporary suite, runs the suite and removes the suite after the run is completed.

This will enable the environments for testing.