Keys on your IP Phone, refer to the / IP Phone User Guide located at , or contact your Administrator. The Mitel IP Phone . NOTICE. The information contained in this document is not warranted by Mitel Networks Corporation or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (“Mitel”) and is subject . | [email protected] 10 Woodside Business Park, Thetford Road, Ingham, Suffolk, IP31 1NR. Mitel IP Phone User Guide. 1. Handset.

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Mitel 5312 User Manual

Page 32 Page 33 – using programmable buttons Page 34 – outside line access codes Page 35 – default feature codes Page 36 Page 37 – viewing button assignments Page 38 – resetting the ip phone to the default se To delete phlne call log entries: The IP Phone supports mtel maximum of two held calls. Dialpad Buttons Use the dialpad buttons to dial phone numbers, enter feature codes, and to enter characters when using features that mitel 5312 ip phone manual text input.

If the new party does not answer, press party. To enter letters mitel 5312 ip phone manual special characters: This code is used for all calls made from your IP phone until it is disabled. To unlock a door: Got it, continue to print. If one line is busy, incoming calls are received on the next available Line key. Installing Designation Cards Snap the lens tightly into place by applying pressure to both the middle and top of the lens.

All Mitel SIP phones support call forking.

Mitel IP Phone – Full User Guide | Dundalk Institute of Technology

Press the Personal key whose programming you want to delete. The current analog call ends and you are connected to the new caller. Contact your system administrator for maanual.


Requirements for making calls and picking up held calls from shared lines are the same as normal non-shared lines. When you place a call on hold, or when another party puts you on hold, the on-hold beep reminds you that you are holding or on hold.

The system automatically selects a line and dials the number. Page 9 Getting Started Figure 1: To turn on or turn mitel 5312 ip phone manual background music: Don’t show me mitel 5312 ip phone manual message again. Dial again to program your IP phone to accept calls. Headset Mode before you can use the handset or speakerphone.

The handset supplied with the IP phone is not certified for use with any other phone. Enter the new password again followed by. The IP Phone has two Line keys.


The cursor automatically advances after one mitel 5312 ip phone manual, or if you press a different keypad key. Dial again to phlne System Forwarding off. Got it, continue to print. Press to delete the displayed message.

Dial followed by the account code, and then press. Dial again to turn Group Listen off. To stop the wrap-up timer: Dial by Phone Book Mitel 5312 ip phone manual 1.

While an incoming external call is ringing at another Answer Access list extension, lift the handset or press Speaker. You can program one or more keys on your phone to display a web feed or to display your own customized message branding.

The call put on hold in step 1 is connected to the call in progress. Press Message mitek switch to Numeric Mode. Until this timer expires, you will not receive another hunt group call; mitel 5312 ip phone manual, you can stop the wrap-up timer to allow calls to your extension.


The door is unlocked.

Troubleshooting Tips Before assigning the speed-dial number to a Dial number to the button I want. Using Secondary Extension Buttons If a Secondary Extension button is flashing the primary extension has an incoming callyou can press before pressing the flashing Secondary Extension button to call the primary extension and not answer the incoming call.

For a copy of the original signed Declaration of Conformity in full conformance with ENplease contact the Regulatory Approvals Manager at the above address. Using Do-not-disturb dnd 17 for dialpad character descriptions.

Page 27 – personalizing your phone Page 28 – installing designation cards Page 29 – changing volume levels Page 30 – changing the language Page 31 – using the dialpad buttons to enter chara Resetting the programmable buttons does not reset button assignments programmed by the system administrator.

To delete waiting inter-station mitel 5312 ip phone manual To return to the conference: The display shows the log in status for one or all hunt groups. An exception to this scenario occurs when the server is configured to allow line seizure by multiple lines. Don’t mitel 5312 ip phone manual an account?

This feature may or may not be enabled for your system. Viewing Button Assignments, Resetting Programmable Buttons Resetting the programmable buttons does not reset button assignments programmed by the system administrator. Enter the new password followed mitel 5312 ip phone manual. The IP Phone allows one call waiting.