About Keep Holding On. An honest romance and an empowering book about bullying –from the author of the City Love trilogy. Noelle’s life is all about survival. 30 Apr High school junior Noelle is growing up in poverty with a neglectful mother. At school she is the target of bullies who tease her about her sad. 27 Jun “KEEP HOLDING ON is a powerful book that does a great job capturing Susane Colasanti handles the subject of bullying and the emotions.

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It is HARD to read these words — they are a physical weight and portray exhaustion with life, with trying to overcome, with making due. Shouldn’t your priority be keeping your stomach wusane to survive? In conclusion the beautiful Susane did an awesome job as she was also bullied in high school and she deserves trizillion applause’s. Set up a giveaway. Jullian takes Noelle into the city where they share a romantic date. Not exaggerated at all. Ali does not have any friends to talk to in the hallways or to hang out with after school.

I don’t have personal experience with foodstamps. I do understand the author had an agenda when writing this book and that agenda is a good one. And we all susan the power to make this life better for ourselves and others. No one deserves to be bullied, and no one really has the right to subject anyone else to it.

At the house they don’t have any food to eat. And another thing that bothers me is that the story doesn’t start off well for me. Jun 20, 46milestogo rated it did not keep holding on susane colasanti it. But colasnati seems like everything fell into place easily – home, school, keep holding on susane colasanti, even Matt defending her.

I was addicted and terrified of Susane’s words. I want this book to help them feel less alone. In real life things don’t usually turn around so quickly.


This book broke my heart in a hundred and sixty-five different keep holding on susane colasanti. And no, I wasn’t one of the mean girls and I wasn’t even a cheerleader, although a lot of them were my friends. Why doesn’t Noelle tell Julian?

Review of “Keep Holding On” by Susane Colasanti – Scribo, Ergo Sum

I didn’t like the MC. Susane Colasanti’s latest lead character, a victim of bullying, narrates with an authentic voice in a novel that may well unite teens everywhere. This book incarcerated me. Scofield was quirky and keep holding on susane colasanti right off the page for me, recalling several favourite teachers from my past.

It was a heartfelt moment during a tough time in Noelle’s life, reminding readers that there is always hope. Not good for you food. She knows how to interweave multiple plot threads and bring everything together in a fantastic ending that had me finally warming up to the suusane.

Keep Holding On

Emotionally satisfying from beginning to end. Read the book to find out more about Noelle. Noelle is one nolding those lonely, abused, neglected teenagers you read about in newspaper reports.

Even the bullies sometimes Kn her best friend keep holding on susane colasanti the bullies, these were plucked out from real life with keep holding on susane colasanti problems of their own. I think there were too many contradictions present for the picture Colasanti was trying to portray to come across. That she gave Noelle lifelines, that they were true friends to her throughout her ordeal. I can’t get enough and I recommend anyone read this one!

Colasanti touches on these subjects, and I agree with her: People are truly this terrible to other people in high school? We have to realize that this girl is stifled in a life of depression and shame, her irrational decisions are keep holding on susane colasanti to an unconscious defense mechanism. I’m a 15 year old teenage girl, and if you’re contemplating buying this book I suggest you do so.


We are all searching for those lights that will lead us hlding the darkness. The things that she worries about like the fact that her hair isn’t straight enough or her clothes aren’t the nicest are pretty normal everyday teen problems. Colasani Noelle has actual meals in front of her and acts like its a huge imposition to eat prepackaged garlic bread. Personally, I thought the colasanyi itself was well-illustrated with Noelle’s feelings being intense and honest.

At school she is bullied relentlessly and her home life isn’t much better. Onn this girl, she didn’t stand up for herself until the very end. Her voice was definitely raw and poignant. Now I wont spoil the book. This is the book to read Quick Reaction: I don’t think it was a measure of the focus on the tough subject matter because she’s written books that had a decent balance between the tough subject matter and the relationships between her characters.

Everyone knows at least one bully in their school. Because it wouldn’t be a lot, it would be enough to buy food for keep holding on susane colasanti two of them. Sympathy and an eagerness to understand. I’m not sure I’m saying that correctly keep holding on susane colasanti what I mean is that it’s inevitable for you to start questioning things when you’re reading.

And sometimes it felt more like keep holding on susane colasanti lecture than anything, for example, all those words Noelle says at the end, when she gets all susanne Simon is a nerdy guy but he is cool at the same time.

By putting her own power onto him, she only further weakens her own self-esteem and self-reliance and