21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. 25 Feb I also went through some excerpts from James Swartz book “How to attain enlightenment?” and he has given the same criticism about Osho. 16 Jan Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry, has been described as the grandfather of all enlightenment traditions. James Swartz explains and unfolds.

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It came about through self-enquiry. This is the kind of B.

This often involves a change of lifestyle and a growing out of certain preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. Krishnamurti is a liberated person and he is also a great orator who has been admired by a lot of people for how to attain enlightenment james swartz clarity and wisdom.

I should mention that your autobiography is available on your website. Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry, has been described as the grandfather of all enlightenment traditions. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn jamse about the product and purchase it. I knew then that I had to go on this quest how to attain enlightenment james swartz enlightenment.

They are trying to create pundits and scholars but not enlightened people. I was crazy with spiritual fantasies so I took it as a good sign, as the vehicle of Lord Shiva!

They communicate straight across. However, I will return to this book now day. This complete guide how to attain enlightenment james swartz enlightenment presents the wisdom of the ancient science of self-inquiry, a time-tested means for achieving spiritual freedom.


InquIry Into Karma and dHarma. Then, if you wish or not, may move on to some Traditional schools which maintain Vedanta curriculum. Also, there is also a well known saying: That mad fool James Swartz needs to be locked up in a loony bin where he really belongs.

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I just keep those ideas aside, treat them as clues so that I can verify them when I get my own enlightenment. I was not chasing women or anything else. When there was no class – we had three classes a how to attain enlightenment james swartz and two satsangs – I was in my room either meditating or studying scripture.

He provides resources for understanding non-duality through his website, www. This is a little confusing for beginners. How I see reality fits clearly with how reality has been described in Vedanta and many other schools of thought.

At this point, I would rather trust the other sources than trust James. The only thing that I can infer from this is, he has obviously swwrtz that some kind how to attain enlightenment james swartz progress he had made in understanding the absolute reality is what enlightenment is.

In fact, you should be the only one who can really laugh, can become laughter; how to attain enlightenment james swartz can really love, can become love itself — where the lover disappears and only love remains; one who can dance and dance to such abandon that the dancer is completely gone, there is only dance. In the Bhagavad Gita it says there is no purifier like Self-knowledge.


Living a truer life with the foundation being on the inside, rather than based on something else.

How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-Duality

I had a chain of stores and a factory and an import company in HonoluluWaikiki. An understanding and maybe also an adaptation of your life. I’ve studied numerous Vedanta books from the Shankara tradition.

Try searching, or check out the links below. The foundation would be the knowledge of myself as awareness. I did it all. It is the same with the Self. In India, so many books are published on Vedanta and thousands of people read them. We have a very strict definition of what a teacher is in Vedanta and wanting to teach is not part of it, how to attain enlightenment james swartz you should have an aptitude for it.

I enjoyed this book because it gave me a new spiritual perspective and helped me overcome my own set of obstacles. My mother was quite an intellectual and how to attain enlightenment james swartz cultured person. The Fire of Self Knowledge: