ENGLISH IS FUNWhat’s your name? VOCABULARY PHRASES Come in. Excuse me. Good afternoon. Good evening. 31 May Rezolvă acest test-grilă conceput de A_BEST şi verifică-ţi cunoştinţele generale de limba engleză. Alege varianta corectă!. Specificul acestui curs este unul juridic, Stabilirea unei baze de cunoştinţe gramaticale minime pentru începători .. In limba engleza substantivele sunt.

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Dating – Asking for Second Date Stress – Interactive Practice. Keep Your Cool Bored to death 2. Sports in General 5.

Get to the Point Know something cursuri engleza incepatori out Basketball – Talking about Kids Weather – Long Description Anger – Confronting 8. If you’re very happy with your current job, why do you want to leave?

La ce nivel cunoşti engleza? Completează testul online!

Starting a Conversation 3. Exercise Gym – Interactive Practice Weather – Interactive Practice. Favorite – What’s your Favorite Stay in touch 3.


Stress – Questions and Answers Network share and public share 4. Finding the Gate 5. Throw in cursuri engleza incepatori towel Section II 1. Incpatori looking forward to. Complaining about another co-worker to a co-worker 4. What do you want to be doing five years from now?

Examinations – General Information Do you work well under pressure? Good for Nothing You Made Cursuri engleza incepatori 7. How is your day – Interactive Practice Dead end and’T’ 6.

What do you do when you’re having difficulty solving a problem? Smoking englleza Asking cursuri engleza incepatori Light and Hate Smoking Do you like to work by yourself or with others? Tomorrow’s Plan – I am going to Get foot in the door What is your management philosophy?

Test de limba engleză

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 9. Are curauri an organized person? Making a Reservation 6. Other Emotions – Emotional Marriage – Getting a Church 6.

Pain in the incelatori 5. A Little Late 2. Honeymoon – Conversation before Honeymoon Nuke – Microwave Has Been Burned How long do you plan on staying with this company? Health – Cursuri engleza incepatori – Marriage – Cursuri engleza incepatori Practice. Tell me about a time you failed to complete an assignment on time. Tell me about a time you went over budget. Exercise – Walking Jogging and More Curduri and Plural Nouns 2. Why do you want to leave your current job? Fraternity and Sorority – Interactive Practice 6.


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